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3G GPS Trackers Detector

3G GPS Trackers Detector

Artikelnummer: 40441
€799.95  €674.95

Product Description

In today's high tech environment, we have instant minute by minute communications but the same instant on-the-go communications can be abused in many illegal ways. Your private communications audio form, video form and still photo form can be instantly be illegally transmitted by advanced cell phone technology without your knowledge but now there is a Law Enforcement grade countermeasures device that instantly detects this! This high grade highly sensitive detector also detects GPS equipment.

The new generation Mobile Phone Detector detects the presence of regular and/or concealed GSM mobile phone units which is now becoming a great security concern since they can often be used as an illegal bugging devise. Mobile phones are being used to illegally record and send both audio and video to third party locations. This new generation law enforcement grade unit instantly detects this illegal eavesdropping! This high grade pocket sized unit will silently vibrate when it detects a mobile phone that is in use! Since it does not jam the signal nor tape into the signal, these units are legal to use in this form.

Product Function:
GSM (880-915 MHz) (up-link frequency bands)
CDMA (824-849 MHz) (up-link frequency bands)
WCDMA (1920-1980 MHz) (up-link frequency bands)
DCS (1710-1785 MHz) (up-link frequency bands)
Antenna: Dual band dipole omni-directional (maximum gain at vertical position)
Sensitivity (adjustable):
GSM better than -55 dBm @ antenna
CDMA and WCDMA better than -65 dBm @ attenna
Rejection: >25 dB @ out of band
Detection Mode: RF power peak detection
Rotary Tuner: On-off switch + squelch control (rotate clock-wise to tune on power and increase sensitivity)
Power: Li-battery (single, 1800 mAh @3.7 VDC)
Charger: Input: 100-240 VAC, 5060Hz / Output: 5V DC, 1A max
Yellow LED on: Power on
Yellow LED dimmed: requires charging
Red LED on: Charging in progress
Red LED off: Charging Complete
Operation Time: Stand-by > 20 hours, Nominal > 18 hours, Vibrator continuous on > 8 hours
Dimensions: 96mm L x 60mm W x 23.5mm T (120mm with antenna)
Weight: 110 grams (including battery)


3G GPS Trackers Detector

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