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Forensic SIM Recovery Stick PRO

Forensic SIM Recovery Stick PRO

Artikelnummer: 40427

Product Description

Now you can know what your kids are texting with our new SIM card reader and software. What sets this SIM card reader apart from other devices that claim to be a SIM card copier is it's ability to actually RECOVER DELETED TEXT MESSAGES!

The included SIM card reader software is unlike that which you can download online for free. There are no hidden charges, no hidden files that take over your computer, and no fingerprints left behind. The SIM Recovery Pro is a SIM card application for Windows that allows you to recover virtually anything from a cell phone. Using the Recovery PRO software with your computer, you can save, edit and delete your phone book and short messages (SMS) stored in your SIM card. This has the added advantage of being able to backup your mobile phone numbers and SMS messages to your PC, another SIM card or any removable medial.

If you change your mobile phone or service provider and receive a new empty SIM card, this software can be used to load the saved data onto it. editing your SIM card entries on your PC is much easier as you are able to this using your computer's keyboard instead of your mobile phone keypad. Features: * Forensically examine your SIM card to FIND DELETED TEXT MESSGES and view last 10 dialed numbers * Program your SIM card to only dial numbers and make calls that your permit. Good for controlling children's calls or company employees. * Allows you to backup, restore and edit your phonebook. Easy transfer of data from one SIM card to another SIM card.

YOU NEED TO READ THIS: Due to the extensive range of mobile phone handsets and the way they manage SMS text messages, we can not guarantee that this product will recover data from every SIM card. However, we have recovered a substantial amount of deleted text messages from all the SIM cards tested and therefore approved the product or sale.

If a SIM has been locked with a SIM PIN, you will have to know the PIN Code in order for this to work. (Most users will lock their phone and NOT the SIM, so this shouldn’t pose a problem). In Addition, some newer phones perform a permanent delete on the SMS text messages and these will NOT be recoverable. However we know that this unit out performs every other SIM card reader in the world and has more advanced features, so if the SIM Recovery Pro can't do it... nothing can!! Also the Sim Recovery Pro will only retrieve information saved to your SIM card, not info saved to your phone.

Package Contents:
USB SIM Recovery Pro Reader
Software CD


Forensic SIM Recovery Stick PRO

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