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Wireless Keypad GSM Alarm

Wireless Keypad GSM Alarm

Artikelnummer: 40264

Product Description

This wireless keypad will allow you to arm, disarm and partially arm your alarm system from any room in your home. Keep your Control Panel/Keypad safely hidden from potential burglars and operate your alarm system with your auxiliary keypad. Disabling this keypad does not impact the operation of your alarm system. Keep this portable unit by your entrance door or garage or any room in your house. If you have a multi-floor dwelling you can keep a portable unit on the second floor or near your bed. Your basic central unit needs to be near phone lines and power source but with this portable unit you have complete flexibility.

This product works on our:
GSM Alarm

Microcomputer control, stable performance;
Work with the alarm host to carry out the functions of arming/disarming/emergency remotely
Can display the arming/disarming status simultaneously with the alarm host
Working under both AC/DC, with backup Lithium battery;

Working voltage: 100 to 230V AC input
Working current: 50mA
Working Temperature: -10 to 50 degree
Back-up battery: Li-battery 3.7V/1,200mAh, rechargeable
Stand-by time: 16 hours, fully charging time is 8 hours
Keypad size: 150 x 107 x 26mm


Wireless Keypad GSM Alarm

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